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Some of the below listed Barrett's were all living around each other on the 1850 Jackson Par., La. Federal Census.  I have included all information that I have regarding these individuals.  Any help in identifying or showing relationship to each other would be greatly appreciated.  The other Barrett's listed here is living in Catahoula Par., La. and Copiah Co., Ms. in 1850
GEORGE W. BARRETT born cir. 1784 NC  married cir. 1805 (possibly married twice) Sarah (last name unknown) born cir. 1786 NC.
Only information that I have collected on George W. Barrett is:
  • 1800 Newberry, South Carolina   

          Jacob Barret      James Barret      Rachel Barret

          John Barrot        William Barrot     George Barrot

  • War of 1812 Mississippi - 13th regiments "Nixon's"
  • 1813 Jurors List Marion Co., Ms.
  • 1820 (can not locate)
  • 10-1-1823 George Barrett of Lawrence Co., Ms. received from the Washington Land Office  W1/2SW1/4 S19 T7N R9E
  • 1830 Lawrence Co., Federal Census: 

           George Barrett:  1 (m) 40-50   1 (m) 30-40   1 (m) 10-15  1 (m) 5-10 

                                                        1 (f) 40-50  1 (f) 15-20 1 (f) 10-15   2 (f) 5-10  3 (f) under 5

  • 1840 Catahoula Par., La. Federal Census:

            George Barrett: 1 (m) 50-60 1 (f) 50-60 1 (f) 20-30 1 (f) 15-20  1 (f) 10-15

           George Henry Barrett: 1 (m) 20-30 1 (f) 20-30  1(m) under 5

           (this is George Henry Barrett that married Sarah Honea)

  • 1850 Jackson Par., La. Federal Census:  George Barrett 66 Nc  Sarah Barrett 64 NC

          12-1-1846   George Barrett of Jackson Par., La. has land located at SE1/4 S21 T18N R2W


The above listed Barrett marriages are listed below, showing their whereabouts from time of marriage to death.  Any information that you may be able to add to this would be greatly appreciated.

Delila Barrett born cir 1807 SC. died after 1880 in Montague Co., Tx.  She married 3-5-1825 Lawrence Co., Ms. (A.B. Sanders stated that she was over 18 years of age)  to John Joseph Dunn born cir 1804 SC died cir after 1870 in McLennan Co., Tx.                     

Known children are:

  • Christopher Dunn born:  3-3- 1831 Ms. died:  7-8-1890  married Sarah Smith daughter of Isham Smith.  They had one child Dr. M.A. Dunn born 1851 Lincoln Par., La.
  • Josephine S. Dunn born cir 1834 Ms
  • Paulina Catherine Dunn born cir 1836 Ms. - died 1928 at the age of 92.  She is buried in the Gholson Cemetery in Gholson, Tx.  She married 7-20-1854 William Henry Smith born 1830 in Georgia died 5-27-1870 in Gholson, Tx. at the age of 40.  They had 3 children:          1. John Enoch Smith born 1864 - died 10-26-1938 in Austin, Tx. at the age of 74, buried in the Oakwood Cemtery in Austin, Tx.   John Enoch Smith married in 1892 to Sarah Elizabeth Qumar Worrell, daughter of Thomas Jefferson & Martha E. Moore Worrell in Freestone Co., Tx.  Sarah Elizabeth Qumar Worrell died in Leander, Tx. cir. 1945 at the age of 67.  They had 11 children:  7 are still living and 4 are deceased. The only named children are:   1.  Pauline Emmaline "Emmy" Smith    born 1894- died 2-26-1963 at the age of 69 in Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co., Tx.  She married Edgar Bascom Peeples son of Morris Bascomb & Jo Ann Taylor Peeples, born 8-21-1895 in Tx. died 1-1-1941 at the age of 45.  They had 4 children 3 still living and 1 deceased being Roy Chester Peeples born 1925 died 1992.   2. Charlie Clyde Smith born 7-25-1897 in Hillsboro, Tx. died 10-2-1967 in Rattan, Ok.   He married Myrtie Smith daughter of Lewis & Georgia Stanley Smith - They had 9 children 6 still living and 3 deceased who are:  Georgia Elizabeth Smith born 1925 died 2001, and Annie Charlottte Smith born 1929 died 1992 and Archie Clyde Smith.  3.  Letha Fay "Lethie" Smith married Ira Elton McCown son of William Lafayette & Georgia Annie White McCown, born 8-15-1908 died 4-16-1948 in Tx. at the age of 39.   4.  Julia Catherine Smith born 4-19-1917 in Waco, Tx. died 11-4-1987 She was buried in the Cedar Park Cemetery in Cedar Park, Tx.  She married Charlie Clyde Maynard born 4-13-1918 Rising Star, Tx. died 9-8-1997 at the age of 79 in Port Lavaca, Tx, Calhoun Co., Tx.    They had 11 children all living.  2.  Elizabeth Smith born 1864 in Texas   3.  George William Smith born 1868 in Boxqueville, McLennan Co., Tx.  George William Smith married 8-4-1889 in Gholson, Tx. to  Julia Angeline Cadenhead, born 2-15-1871, dtr of Frank M. and Mary Jane Temple Cadenhead.  Paulina Catherine Dunn Smith   at   the age of 35 remarried on  4-2-1871 in McLennan Co., Tx.  to  John Brown Worrell, born in 1844  died 1924 at the age of 80, he was the son of Kinchen & Eliza Elizabeth Chancellor Worrell.  They had 3 children:   1.  Ella Florence Worrell born 1873 died in 1951 at the age of 78  2.  Ross Sylvestor Worrell born in 1877 died in 1945 at the age of 68  He mar: Emma Price Merritt born 1883, died 1972 at the age of 68  3.  Roland H. Worrrell married Mary Elizabeth Casey born in 1883 died 1951 at the age of 68.
  • Flavila L. Dunn born cir 1838 Ms. (possible twin to Plinenas)
  • Plinenas Abiram Dunn born 9-13-1838 Ms. married 1. Mary Price:  They had 3 children:  John, Leona, and Monroe,  and his second marriage to 2. Cora Bess:  They had:  Caldona, Frank, Milton, Flora, and Laura.    Plineas A. and Cora Bess Dunn are both buried in the Dye Mound Cemetery, Montague Co., Tx.
  • John J.J. Dunn born cir 1845 La. married Mary (LNU)
  • Henry Alfanso (Orlando) Sylvester Dunn born 11-11-1847 La.      married:  Nancy E. (LNU)  He is buried in Oklahoma in the Dixie Cemetery
This family can be located on the below listed federal census:
  • 1850 Jackson Par., La.                               
  • 1860 Parker Co., Tx.  
  • 1870  McLennan Co., Tx.            
  • 1880 Montague Co., Tx.
SARAH BARRETT born  9-1827 Ms. married 12-12-1844 Union Par., La. to Marion C. Wheat born cir 1824 La.  They had:
  • Nathaniel Morehouse Wheat  born  2-1847 La.
  • Davia C. Wheat born 1848 La.
  • George W. Wheat born 7-1854 La.
  • Arcadia Wheat born 1855 La.
  • Elias Conway Wheat born 12-1856 Ark.- married Beatrice E. (last name unknown):  Their children are:  John B. Wheat, Tennesse D. Wheat, Leona Wheat, James M. Wheat
  • Elzadia T.L. Wheat born 12-1863 Ark. married 9-27-1888 Grant Par., La. to John A. Bruce:  Their children are:  George W. Bruce, Jesse E. Bruce, Robert M. Bruce, John T. Bruce, Tom Bruce, and Andrew C. Bruce
  • Montgomery Wheat born 1872 La.
  • Eldoradia Wheat
  • Richard Wheat

This family can be located on the below listed federal census:

  • 1850 Jackson Par., La.
  • 1860 Ouachita Co., Ark
  • 1870 Jackson Par., La.
  • 1880 Lincoln Par., La.
  • 1900 Grant Par., La.
  • 1910 Grant Par., La.


  • James Roan
  • Richard Nelson (married to St.Hellena Barrett)
  • James Wheat    (brother to Marion C. Wheat)

MAHALA BARRETT born cir 1827 Ms. married 10-16-1839 Copiah Co., Ms. to William Baley(Bailey) born cir 1824 Ms.  They had

  • Lydia Bailey   born cir 1845
  • George F. Bailey  born cir 1847
  • Thomas Bailey     born cir 1848
  • Absolem H. Bailey  born 1849
  • Pearcy Ann Bailey  born 1854
  • James Aaron Bailey  born 1858
  • William Bailey   born 1862
  • Margaret Bailey.  born 1865

This family can be located on the below listed federal census:

  • 1850 Jackson Par., La.
  • 1860 Rapides Par., La.
  • 1870 Rapides Par., La.



St. Hellena Barrett born cir. 1825 Ms. died cir. 1898-99 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.  married 5-6-1842 Caldwell Par., La. to Richard Nelson born cir 1815 La. died cir 1895-96 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.  (SEE HOME PAGE)
There known children are:
  • Margaret born 1844 Union Par., La. - never married died young
  • Richard Taliaferro Wade "DOC" Nelson born 6-17-1846 Jackson Par., La.  married cir. 1866 Mary E.E. Garrison:  They had 3 children: Rev. Thomas Lafayette Nelson, Paulina St.Hellena "Hellen" Nelson, and Richard Walter Nelson and 2nd marriage in Nacogdoches Co., Tx. to Mary F. Byrd:  They had 5 children: Lucy, Roselee, Ada & Ida (twins) and George W. Nelson.
  • Mary Ann Nelson born 1847 Jackson Par., La.  -  never married
  • Nancy Jane Nelson born 1849 Jackson Par., La. - never married
  • Martha A. "Dutch" Nelson born 1852 Jackson Par., La.-never married
  • John Tolbert Nelson born 2-24-1854 Jackson Par., La. married Missouri Owens.  They had 5 children:  Beatrice "Bea" Nelson, Leona Nelson, Mary Magdalena "Lena" Nelson, William Robert Nelson, and John Arthur Nelson.
  • Francis Delila Catherine "Pink" Nelson born 7-1861 Tx. married Judge T.D. "M" Owens.  They had 7 children:  Dee Owens, Franklin Taylor Owens, Richard Albert Owens, Boston Owens, Amelia St.Hellena Owens, Theodosia Owens, and Ella Mae Owens
This family can be found on the following census:
1850 Jackson Par., La.
1860 Can not be located
1870 Hill Co., Tx.
1880 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.
1900 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.
1910 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.
1920 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.
1930 Nacodoches Co., Tx. & Polk Co., Tx.

NOTE:  1867 Hill Co., Tx. Voters Registration  -  8-19-1867 R.T.W. Nelson signs up to vote and on 8-26-1867 Richard Nelson signs up to vote both stated that they had been in Hill Co., Tx. for 8 mos lived in the Pct. of Peoria  - Richard Nelson states he has lived in the State of Texas for 13yrs and 8mos and R.T.W. states that he has lived in the State of Texas for 12 years and 8mos.




NATHANIEL BARRETT: born cir 1819 Ms. died 1-5-1890 Dallas Co., Tx.  buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Dallas, Tx.   married:  cir. 1842-43 probably in Jackson Par., Louisiana Mary Ann "Polly" (last name unknown) born :  cir 1828 SC There known children are:

  • George W. Barrett         born  cir 1844 La.
  • Christopher C. Barrett born  cir 1845 La. married 1-6-1871 Smith Co., Tx. to Julia Maria Vernoy:  There known Children are:   1.  Thomas W. Barrett born 1873 Tx., 2.  William A. Barrett  born 12-1883 Tx. married  Susie J. (last name unknown) 1863 Ark. -only known children are:  William Herbert born 1904 Tx., Hazel J. Barrett born 1908 Tx., Beaulah M. Barrett born 1919 Tx., 3. Jettie Mae Barrett born 7-20-1888 Tx. died 11-5-1978 Dallas Co., Tx.  married  1-23-1908 Tarrant Co., Tx. to Augustus George Duvall born 10-22-1883 Ky., 4.  Columbus C. Barrett. born 4-1893 Tx. married Ida (last name unknown.  there known children are:  Lloyd born 1923 Tx. , Larine born 1925 Tx, and Martin born 1928  Tx.
  • John W. Barrett             born   cir 1849 La.
  • Sarah J. Barrett             born   cir  1851 La. married 2-24-1870 William Belcher:  had one known child: Ida Elizabeth Belcher born cir 1870 Smith Co., Tx. married George Edward Lowe
  • Elizabeth Barrett           born    cir   1853 La.
  • Amanda Barrett             born    cir   1856 Tx.
  • Nathaniel Barrett           born    cir   1859 Tx.
  • Leonidas Barrett           born    cir   1865 Tx.

This family can be found on the below listed Federal Census:

  • 1850 Jackson Par., La.
  • 1860 Smith Co., Tx.
  • 1870 Dallas Co., Tx.
  • 1880 Dallas Co., Tx.
  • 1900 Dallas Co., Tx.
  • 1910 Dallas Co., Tx.
  • 1920 Dallas Co., Tx.
  • 1930 Dallas Co., Tx.

NOTE:  Smith Co., Tx. Marriages:

Barrett, P.C.  married 6-5-1872 M.C. Belcher (possibly this is Amanda Barrett since she is not listed on the 1880 Dallas Co., Tx. Census with the rest of the family)

Barrett, George married 10-28-1880 Hariet Anderson


GEORGE W. BARRETT born cir. 1784 NC  married cir. 1805 (possibly married twice) Sarah (last name unknown) born cir. 1786 NC.
Only information that I have collected on George W. Barrett is:
  • 1800 Newberry SC   -- Jacob Barret,  James Barret, Rachel Barret, John Barrot, William Barrot, and George Barrot
  • War of 1812 Mississippi - 13th regiments "Nixon's"
  • 1813 Jurors List Marion Co., Ms.
  • 1820
  • 10-1-1823 George Barrett of Lawrence Co., Ms. received from the Washington Land Office  W1/2SW1/4 S19 T7N R9E.
  • 1830 Lawrence Co., Federal Census .................................... 1 male 40-50  1 male 30-40   1 male 10-15    1 male 5-10        1 female 40-50         1 female 15-20            1 female 10-15    2 females 5-10        3 females under 5 
  • 1840 Catahoula Par., La. Federal Census:  George Barrett:         1 male 50-60         1 female 50-60        1 female 20-30            1 female 15-20      1 female 10-15............ also George Henry Barrett:     1 male 20-30    1 female 20-30    1 son under 5 years of age (this is George Henry Barrett that married Sarah Honea)
  • 12-1-1846   George Barrett of Jackson Par., La. has land located at SE1/4 S21 T18N R2W
  • 1850 Jackson Par., La. Federal Census:                    George Barrett 66 NC and Sarah 64



  • 4-9-1821  there is a George Barrett that served in Blackstone's Co. of the 7th Reg. of Indiana received land from the General Land Office for service in the War of 1812 Land Warrant #21701 - He received NW 1/4 S28 T1N R4W in Prairie Co., Ark. NOTE: in that same Section a Benjamin Derrickson received the SW 1/4, John Hugh(e) received the SE 1/4 and John Bradley received the NE 1/4
  • on the pension applications there is a George Barrett- pvt- James H. Campbell's, J. Robinson, William Bailey, and Thomas Blackstone's co's 24 and 7th U.S. Infantry.  Stated that he enlisted 2-4-1814 and discharged 2-3-1819.  Stated that he had lived in Quitman Co., Ga. and married Eliza Harper 2-24-1824 in Henry Co., Ala.



BETHENA BARRETT  born cir. 1824 Ms.  married 6-21-1831 Copiah Co., Ms. to Thomas Honea, son of Wilkes and Celia Ann Smith Honea.  Their children are:   Robert, Wilks, Malinda, Delila Honea married Wade Hampton Thompson, and  Asa Ville Honea married Josiah Johnson

Bethena Barrett Honea is living next door to George W. and Sarah Barrett  on the 1850 Jackson Par., La. w/ her daughter Malinda. 

On the 1860 Natchitoches Par., La. Federal Census:  Bethena Barrett Honea is living with Thomas Cook 72 yrs of age born NC along with her children:  Robert, Malinda, AsaVilla, Delila and Wilkes Honea.

Located on the:

  • 1850 Jackson Par., La. Federal Census
  • 1860 Natchitoches Par., La. Federal Census
BATHSHEBA BARRETT born 12 - 1825 Ms.  Died:  3-20-1919 Smith Co., Tx. married 2-27-1845 Union Par., La. to James Edward Lyons born 12-25-1823 SC/MS died 5-20-1903 Smith Co., Tx. Both are buried in the Bethseda Cemetery in Lindale, Tx.  Their children are:
  • Irene S. Lyons born 1847 La.  (male)
  • Winney Lyons born 1850 La.  (female)
  • S.A. Lyons born cir. 1852 Ark (female)
  • M.J. Lyons born 1856 Ark        (Female)
  • Moranda Lyons born 1858      (female)  married William T. Jarman:  Their Children are:  William G., Fannie L., Ida B., Zelda T., Homer, Sally Thateaus, Florence, James E., Lora R., and Delaven? Jarman
This family can be located on the below listed federal census:
  • 1850 Jackson Par., La.
  • 1860 Shelby Co., Tx.
  • 1870 Smith Co., Tx.
  • 1880 Smith Co., Tx.


  • Richard nelson
  • M.C. Wheat
  • Jacob Bass

NOTE:   1862 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. Tax List - Richard Nelson listed and also has Jesse Neel by James E. Lyons on tax list.

Jesse Neel was the son of William W. and Amelia Leavell Neel - records showed that Jesse Neel was born 1806 Newberry Co., SC. and married Levina Snider daughter of William and Mary Sanford Snider.

NOTE:  There is a land record stating Barsheba Barrett of Jackson Par., La.  dated 9-1-1849  NWSW S29 T18N R2W - this land was sold to Harriet Nelson by James E. Lyons and his wife Bathsheba Barrett and in the record it states that this land was received through matrimonal dotal.  A military land warrant and if I received the correct information the military land warrant belonged to a Jessee Harris.



RILLEY BARRET born cir. 1805 Ms.  living w/ a John Crowell and wife Nancy was born cir 1818 Ms. and records received off the internet shows that Nancy was his second wife:
#315    John Crowell     30   Ala
              Nancy                 32   Ms
              Martin                    9   Ms
              John                      6   Ms
              Henry                    4   Ms
              Willy                       2   La
      one w/out name    6/12   La
              Rilley Barrett     45   Ms  (Idiot)

MILLY BARRETT born cir. 1810 Ms. married 7-3-1834 Lawrence Co., Ms. to John Aarons.  Their children are: (there may be more) 

  • Joshua Aarons born 1835 Ms. married cir. 1858 La. to Mary L. Zeagler born cir. 1840 La.  Their chidren are:  1.  Martha Aarons born cir. 1859 Tx. she married James Q. Little,  2.  Elizabeth Aarons born 1836 married J.S. Armfield, 3.  Mary Aarons born 1865, 4.  William Aarons married Ida Pierce, and 5. John Aarons born 1869.
  • Melissa Aarons born cir. 1844 La.
  • Sallie Aarons born cir. 1846 La.
  • Lydia Aarons born cir. 1850 La.
  • Phoebe Aarons born cir. 1855 La.

This family has only been found on the below listed federal census:

  • 1840 Caldwell Par., La.
  • 1860 Denton Co., Tx.
  • 1870 sources say that went back to Louisiana but can not be located.

NOTE:  1847 Milam Co., Tx. Tax List has a John Aarons listed on it.

NOTE:  John Aarons was the son of Joshua Aarons and Lydia Harmon and grandson of James Harmon and Keziah Phelps.


MIDBERRY BARRETT born cir. 1812 MS. married 2-19-1832 Lawrence Co., Ms. to William Dunn born 1808 SC.  Their children are:
  • Nathan Dunn born cir. 1833     Ms.
  • Elizabeth Dunn born cir. 1836 Ms. married J.M. Parker
  • John Dunn born cir. 1837 Ms.
  • Elishaby  Barsheba Dunn born cir. 1838 Ms.    married J.H. White 5-22-1859
  • Henry Dunn born cir. 1840 Ms.
  • Charlotte Louise Dunn born cir. 1843 La.    married       J.H. Flowers 1-13-1858
  • Melinda Rachael Dunn born cir. 1846 La.
  • Moranda Dunn born cir. 1848 La.                  married      W.T. Ratcliff 6-11-1866
  • Jane Dunn born cir. 1850 La.
  • William Washington Dunn born cir. 1857 La.

NOTE:  This family can be found on the below federal census:

  • 1850 Catahoula Par., La.
  • 1860 Catahoula Par., La.


GEORGE HENRY BARRETT born 1-1811 Ms. died 1-7-1897 Grant Par., La. married 5-9-1836 Copiah Co., Ms.  to Sarah Honea born 1-29-1817 Ms died 3-5-1881 Grant Par., La.   Both are buried in Pollock, La., in the Friendship Cemetery.  Sarah Honea is the daughter of Wilkes and Celia Ann Smith Honea.  Their children are:
  • Christopher Columbus Barrett born 5-22-1839 Brookhaven, Ms. died 11-1-1895 Grant Par., La.  buried Christian Hope Cem. Georgetown, La. married 11-28-1866 Lawrence Co., Ms. to Sarah Ann Dunn born 5-10-1849 died 10-15-1915: Their known children are: Andrew Henry Barrett born 11-21-1872 Ms. died 5-28-1952 La.  married Annie Wallace, and G.W. Lenadus Barrett born 1868.
  • Celia Ann Barrett born 1842 Ms married Joseph Smith
  • Malincy J. Barrett born 1845 Ms. married 5-1867 Lawrence Co., Ms. to G.M. Conn
  • Sarah L. Barrett born 1849 Ms. married 2-25-1872 Lawrence Co., Ms. Marion Johnson
  • Lott Smith Barrett born 1851 Ms. married 2-25-1872 Lawrence Co., Ms. to Martha Ann Conn:  Possible children are: Francis, Jesse N., Cornelius N., Julius, Florence, William and Luther Barrett
  • Henry Benson Barrett born 1854 Ms. married Elizabeth Jane White  Their known children are:  Minnie born 1877 Ms. and William Barrett born 1879 Ms.
  • Francis Barrett

NOTE:  This family can be found on the below listed federal census:

  • 1840 Catahoula Par., La.
  • 1850 Copiah Co., Ms.
  • 1860 Lawrence Co., Ms.
  • 1870 Lincoln Co., Ms.
  • 1880 Lincoln Co., Ms.


SALATHIEL BARRETT married 9-18-1826 Copiah Co., Ms. to Nancy Myles

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