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Richard Taliaferro Wade Nelson born 6-17-1846 Jackson Parish, Louisiana.  Died cir 1916 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. and is buried in the Isbell Chapel Cemetery in Rusk Co., Tx.
His first wife:  Mary E.E. Garrison born 1851 Fannin/Grayson Co., Tx. died cir January 1875 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.  Daughter of Rev. Thomas F. Garrison and Paulina C. Moores and grandaughter of William H. and Elizabeth Crutcher Moores.
They were the parents of three (3) children:  Rev. Thomas Lafayette Nelson, Paulina St.Helena "Hellen" Nelson, and Richard Walter Nelson.
His second wife:  Mary F. Byrd born 1-22-1859 Tx and died 8-22-1915 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. Daughter of Leonard and Lucy Owens Byrd, Lucy Owens is the sister to Malachai Owens, and grandaughter to Phillip and Martha Bird Owens.
NOTE:  Malachai and Amelia Catherine Weeks Owens has 3 children that married a son & daughter of Richard & St.Helena Barrett Nelson and a daughter of Richard T.W. and Mary E.E. Garrison Nelson
They were the parents of five (5) children:  Lucy, Roselee, Ada & Ida (twins) and George W. Nelson

Richard Taliaferro Wade "Doc" Nelson
born 6-17-1846 Louisiana - died cir. 1916 Nacogdoches Co., Tx.

Thomas Lafayette & Nellie Stokes Nelson

Rev. Thomas Lafayette Nelson born 3-12-1868 Hill Co., Tx. died 2-13-1926 Polk Co., Tx. and buried in the Isbell Chapel Cemetery in Rusk Co., Tx. married 12-18-1902 Linn Flat, Texas to Nellie Mae Stokes born 9-14-1885 Rusk Co., Tx. and died 9-27-1968 Harris Co., Tx. buried in the Peebles Cemetery in Polk Co., Tx.
He married first to Nettie Gentry on 2-10-1896 Rusk Co., Tx. but only for a short time.  Nettie and the baby died during childbirth.
He married secondly to Nellie Mae Stokes, daughter of William Allen and Francis "Fannie" Isbell Stokes.  They were the parents of 8 children:  William Richard "Floyd" Nelson, Johnny D. Nelson, Ona Belle Nelson, Francis Delila Catherine "Sister" Nelson, Myrtle Lee Nelson, Uretha Nelson, and Ruby Rosene and Ruthie Geraldine Nelson (twins)

Paulina St.Helena "Hellen Nelson & husband Samuel Perry Owens

Paulina St.Helena "Hellen" Nelson born 4-4-1869 Hill Co., Texas died 10-1-1936 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. married 2-2-1883 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. to Samuel Perry Owens born 8-11-1866 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. died 12-24-1937 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. son of Malachai and Amelia Catherine Weeks Owens.

They were the parents of 8 children:  Richard Mansfield Owens, Lilly Maybelle Owens, Rufus Alton Owens, Bertie Dell Owens, Bertha Jewel Owens, Dewfus D. Owens,   Walker Owens, and Garfield "Boy" Owens

Richard Walter Nelson & Wife Mary Ann "Annie" Owens

Richard Walter Nelson born 7-29-1874 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. died 4-1-1956 Polk Co., Tx. married Mary Ann Owens born 5-11-1880 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. died 7-21-1965 Polk Co., Tx., daughter of Patrick and Thereasan Pirtle Owens.  Both are buried in the Peebles Cemetery in Polk Co., Tx.

They were the parents of eleven (11) children:  Richard Henry, Alma, Allie Thereasan, Ella Maude, William Dewey, Lula Tilly, Rufus Alton, Odessa Mae, Walter Lee, Homer D., and Wilma Lee Nelson

Lucy Nelson and husband W.L.D. Matlock

Lucy Nelson born 3-22-1881 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. married W.L.D. Matlock born 1-23-1877 died 2-6-1961.  Both are buried in the Isbell Chapel Cemetery in Rusk Co., Tx.
They were the parents of seven (7) children:  Ruth, Calvin, Ralph, Rethie, an infant son (unknown name), infant daughter (unknown name), and Bessie Matlock
W.L.D. Matlock is holdind the daughter of Myrtle Lee and Edward McNeil grandaughter of Rev. Thomas Lafayette Nelson

Roselee Nelson married D.D. Matlock
Roselee Nelson and her half brother Richard Walter Nelson

Roselee Nelson born 1-24-1883 Nacogdoches Co., Texas married D.D. Matlock son of John and Mary Clifton Matlock and grandson of Louis and Amanda Bell Matlock.  He is the brother to W.L.D. Matlock that married Lucy Nelson sister to Roselee Nelson
They were the parents of five (5) children:  Ruby, Homer, Gertrude, Lorrine, James Alfred Matlock.

left to right - Ida E. Nelson and Ada B. Nelson

Ada B. Nelson born 3-13-1887 married Willie Stokes, son of William Allen and Francis "Fannie" Isbell Stokes.  Brother to Nellie Mae Stokes that married Rev. Thomas Lafayette Nelson, the half brother to Ida E. Nelson.

They were the parents of seven (7) children:  Lillian, Melton, J.W. , Ethel, Thelma, Cecile, and Pauline Stokes.

Ida E. Nelson born 3-13-1887 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. married Lee Rankin.

They were the parents of five (5) children:  James wade, Jesse Lee, Willie Wayne, Murline, and Villa Rankin

George W. Nelson and wife Eva Areweathy Bell

George W. Nelson born 11-1-1889 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. died 2-15-1970 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. married 9-7-1911 Nacogdoches Co., Tx. to Eva Areweathy Bell born 9-16-1894 daughter of Joe and Sleet Clifton Bell.  George W. Nelson is buried in the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Nacogdoches Co., Tx.

They were the parents of five (5) children:  Murell, Thelma, Lucille, Earl, and Hurley Nelson